The Calendar of Xanth


4. Day of the Allegory
8. Hiatus' and Lacuna's Birthday
12. DeMetria Offers Esk Ogre Three Great Experiences
16. Castle Roogna Dedicated
21. Volney Vole Sets Out to Save Kiss-Mee River
25. Faux Pass Created
28. Chameleon's Birthday


3. Dame Latia Curdles Water
6. Arnolde Centaur Learns His Talent
10. Night Stallion Takes Over the Night Mare Herd
15. Day of the Zombie
17. Sorceress Tapis's Birthday
19. Grundy Golem Is Constructed
25. Gerrymander Divides and Conquers
30. Simurgh's Birthday (Doesn't come often, so she lives long!)


3. Day of the Dragon
5. Chex Centaur Weds Cheiron
6. Marrow Bones Defends Draco Dragon's Treasure
8. Rapunzel Escapes the Ivory Tower
11. Dolph's Birthday
16. Demon X(A/N)th Learns How to Play to Win
21. Humfrey Marries the Gorgon
25. Grace'l Ossein's Trial
29. Magic Dust Village Founded


2. Nextwave Invades Xanth
7. Prince Dolph's Test of the Roses
11. Blythe Brassis Emerges from Gourd
15. Irene's Birthday
22. The Siren Marries Morris Merman
24. Day of the Secretary Bird
27. Justin Tree Transformed


1. Nada Naga's Birthday
7. Day of the Nymph
15. Smash Ogre Crams Demon Into Gourd
20. Voles Depart Xanth
25. Tandy's Birthday
30. Centaur 500 Race


4. Brain Coral Kisses Irene
10. Day of the Elf
15. Ichabod Comes To Xanth
20. Demon Bearegard Completes His Thesis: "Fallibilities of Other Intelegent Life"
23. Irene Marries Dor
27. Sorceress Tapis Completes the Tapistry


3. Day of the Goblin
5. Nymph's Mother Frightened By a Pun
8. Mare Imbrium Goes Day Mare
12. Herman Hermit Dies
17. King Trent's Coronation
28. Jewel's Birthday


1. Day of the Ghost 6. Bink's Birthday
10. Gap Dragon Rejuvenated As Stanley Steamer
13. Ivy Conquers Thyme
15. Smash Ogre's Birthday
19. Zora Zombie Finds Love
23. Wiggle Swarm
27. Electra Completes the Heaven Cent


4. Day of the Tangle Tree
10. Time of No Magic
12. Grundy Golem Turns Real
15. Dor's Birthday
18. Monster of the Sea Tries to Rescue Andromeda
22. Jordan the Ghost Reanimated
23. Threnody Reanimated


2. Ogres Leave Lake Ogre-Chobee
12. Ivy's Birthday
16. Day of the Ogre
19. Black Punday - Bottom Falls Out of the Pun Market
26. Crunch Ogre Meets Actress
30. Ogres Arrive at Ogre-Fen-Ogre-Fen


4. Fracto Crowns Himself King of the Clouds
8. Jordan Meets Bluebell Elf
11. Girard Giant Meets His Figment
14. Ivy Plights Troth to Grey Murphy at Hate Spring
18. Pook Meets Peek
21. Adult Conspiracy Established to Hide Secrets From Children
30. Gap Chasm Forget Spell Detonated


1. Zombie Master Zombies Himself
6. Pedestal Dedicated To a Dragon
11. Lastwave Invades Xanth
18. Monster Under the Bed Grabs His 10,000th Ankle
21. Com-Pewter Created by the Muse Clio
27. Castle Roogna Deserted
29. Day of the Night Mare