Lexicon of Xanth

This is only a small lexicon.  If you want a bigger one, buy the Visual Guide to Xanth.
I got these from someone else.  All grammatical, factual, or other errors are not of my making.  I did not read these over too thoroughly.  It is only to give you an idea of what Xanth is like.

Plant Life
Ances-tree - A tree whose branches split and break off into different branches till there is too many to count.

Armor-dillo - A small bush that grows the best armor.

Artis-trees - Trees with many artistic designs.

Boabab tree - Monstrous tree which towers way above the jungles, it grows upside down, with roots in the air and branches

Berry-Berries - Doubled berries that taste very good but slowly cause paralysis and wasting away.

Boot-Rear - Drink that comes from a tree that gives you a good kick in the rear when drank.

Burr - makes people very icy cold when touched

Casius-tree - very argumentative tree, very hair splitting.

Catnip - a tiny smelling plant with furry leaves

Curse Burrs - little balls of irritation that cling anywhere on a persons body and you have to curse at each one to get them off.

Heliotrope - Plant which imitates the suns heat and dehydrates everything around it.

Hypnogourd - A vine that grows melon looking fruit called gourds, each gourd contains a peephole. Anyone that looks in a
peephole is instantly trapped in the realm of bad dreams.

Justin Tree - A man transformed by Magician Trent into a tree. His bark is the color of Tanned flesh and leaves are shaped of
flattened hands. His talent is voice projection. He can talk to all un-transformed creatures.

Kraken - A seaweed monster, very dangerous.

Eye-Que vine - a vine that has eye-balls on it and when set on a persons head it dissolves.  It makes a person think they are
smarter than they are.

Mys-tree - a tree that is difficult to figure out...

Neddle-cactus - a cacti that shoots needles at presumed enemies.

Noose Loop Bush - it loops a vine around intruders when they walk into it, capturing them.

Optical bush - contains sorts of glasses and contact lenses.

Passion fruit - Makes the person that eats it very passionate to the person there with....

Pumpkin - A gourd that inflates objects/things.

Resurrection Fern - Resurrects memories that people have, can be very painful or happy ones.

Reverse wood - Reverses the powers of magic or nulls it.

Silver Oak - A tree that is entirely silver and repels evil magic.

Stink horn - Plant shaped like a horn and smell and sound very funny when blown.

Stunflower - Stuns people with a radiant light.

Tangle Trees - Large tree with many vines/tentacles that attack and eat it's victims with the huge mouth on it's trunk.

Thyme - A plant that can speed up or slow down time. They come on many different types, Minute plant, day plant... so on...

Tree of immortality - tree that gives immortality, guarded by the maenads.

Tree of Seeds - a HUGE tree with EVERY type of seed growing on it. It in guarded by Simurgh.

Umbrella Tree - a tree that provides an umbrella like canopy to protect people/creatures from rain and so forth.

Vegetable Garden - A garden that grows all the vegetables that children dislike.

Water chestnut - nut filled with water.

Wild Oats - Trees that grow Nymph's for young men's pleasures.

Animal Life

Centaur - Crossbreed between a human and a man. The body of a horse with the upper half of a man.

Golem - A miniature man shaped figure made of clay, sticks and rags. Stands about a palms length high.

Zombie - The decaying remains of any deceased living creature.

Allegory - Has a long snout, resembles a crocodile.

Elf - Small human figure, stands 1/3 or less the height of a normal human. It can not go long away from it's tree.

Nymph - Forever young nude woman that lives forever. Cannot go long without being with it's tree or whatever else it's tied to (water, land, etc).

Faun - Human figure with goats legs.

Basilisk - Body of a flying lizard with the claws and head of a chicken, also called a cockatrice, henatrice and chickatrice.

Bed Monster - The monster under the bed that grabs the feet of young children and cannot come out in the light.

Brassies - Human figure, made of brass and live inside the gourd.

Brain Coral - Living creature hat protects the Demon X(A/N)TH from being bothered. It's pool can store living creatures for eons without aging them.

Cyclopes - One eyed giant. hairy with a human figure

Chobees - long reptilian bodies with long snouts and so seeming sharp teeth....

Copycat - looks like the mundane cat, it likes to copy things, such as papers and voices.

Cowboys - Men with the heads of cattle

Night Mares and Day Mares - Bringers of dreams, Night Mares bring Nightmare and Day Mares bring day dreams.

Goblins - disgusting ferocious little men that eat anything they can get their hands on. The females however are considered attractive.

Harpies - Foul mean birds with the head of a human. They are ugly and stink very bad and can curse like you wouldn't believe, but the males are supposed to be attractive. human/vulture crossbreeds.

Goblin/Harpy - Cross between a goblin and a harpy. They would be very attractive if conceived by a female goblin and a male harpy and very ugly if it were the other way around.

Demons - Creatures made of spirit without a soul, are heartless, crude and sometimes downright mean.

Dragonflies - a smaller dragon with wings

Dragons - come in man sizes and varieties. No need to explain dragons.

Mermaids - Human from waist up and fish from waist down.

Gnomes - humanoid, 1/3 the height of normal humans and reside mostly in underground regions.

Griffins - Head and wings of an eagle and body of a lion.

Hippogryph - Forepart of a Griffin and the body of a horse.

Hydra - Dragon with multiple heads, when one is cut off, two more grow in it's place.

Unicorn - Horse with a twisting pointed horn growing from it's forehead.

Maenads - crazy, wild women that like to eat people.

Magic Sniffer - has a long flute like snout and sniffs out magic.

Manticora - Head of a man, Body of a lion, Wings of a dragon and tail of a scorpion. Is about the size of a horse.

Midas Bug - turns everything it touches into gold.

Minotaur - Body of a man with a mean head of an angry bull.

Nickelodeon - Box like creature that plays music while consuming Nicklepedes.

Nicklepede - Forearm length creatures that are made of steel and have pinches that take nickle-sized bites out of living creatures. Also shapes and sizes vary with others of it's type, Centipedes, Dimepedes, Quarterpedes....

Ogres - Huge, UGLY humanoid monsters with heads uglier than a bowl of mush and with the strength of hundreds of men, they only talk in rhymes....

Roc - The largest of the birds. They like rock gardens and rock music. They can be very ferocious when aroused.

Salamander - Small lizard that shots fire out it's snout.

Loan shark - Hides in water with its fin sticking up and charges people an "arm and a leg" to get across..

Simurgh - The keeper of the tree of seeds, who has seen the world end many times..

Sphinx - Human face, Bull body, Wings of an eagle and legs of a lion. Very huge. In fact one is sleeping in a place called Egypt, Mundania.

Wiggles - dangerous worm-like creatures that fly through the air and put holes in everything in their path. Very dangerous indeed.

Stork - A mundane looking bird that delivers babies to the creatures of Xanth.

Troll - a creature much like the Goblins. They live under bridges.

Wyvern - Small flying dragons, barbed tail and only two legs. They can shoot fire from their snouts.

Yak - A mundane looking creature that can talk yours ears off.

Com pewter - A machine that can change reality in it's vicinity.

Naga - People with the lower body of a snake and upper body of a human, and can change to either of those species.