About Piers Anthony

        Piers Anthony was born in August, 1934, in England, and became an American citizen while serving in the
U. S. Army in 1958. He has two grown daughters and lives with his wife, Carol, in Florida. He sold his first story,
after eight years of trying, in 1962; his first novel, Chthon, was published in 1967. Through 1995 he has had 102
books published, and translations have appeared in ten languages. Currently he writes three novels a year. He has
had 21 books on The New York Times bestseller list in the span of ten years; and in one year, three of his novels
placed on The New York Times bestseller list. His first Xanth novel, A Spell for Chameleon, won the August
Derleth Fantasy Award for the best novel in 1977, and the Spokane Public Library gave him the Golden Pen
Award for being their favorite fantasy author in 1982.

Books by Piers Anthony

The Magic of Xanth

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The Apprentice Adept

Book One: Split Infinity
Book Two: Blue Adept
Book Three: Juxtaposition
Book Four: Out of Phaze
Book Five: Robot Adept
Book Six: Unicorn Point
Book Seven: Phaze Doubt

The Incarnations of Immortality

Book One: On A Pale Horse
Book Two: Bearing an Hourglass
Book Three: With a Tangled Skein
Book Four: Wielding a Red Sword
Book Five: Being a Green Mother
Book Six: For Love of Evil
Book Seven: And Eternity

Short Story Collections

Alien Plot

The Mode Series

Virtual Mode
Fractal Mode
Chaos Mode
Dooon Mode !NEW!

Bio of a Space Tyrant


Tarot Series

God of Tarot
Vision of Tarot
Faith of Tarot
Tarot -- omnibus of the three

The Cluster Series

Chaining the Lady
Kirlian Quest
Viscous Circle

Of Man and Manta


Battle Circle

Sos the Rope
Var the Stick
Neq the Sword

Historical Novels

Tatham Mound

Geodyssey Series

Isle of Woman
Shame of Man
Hope of Earth

Other Books

Prostho Plus
Race Against Time
Rings of Ice
Triple Detente
But What of Earth
Shade of the Tree
Total Recall
Hard Sell


Letters to Jenny
Bio of an Ogre


The Ring with Robert E. Margroff
The E.S.P. Worm with Robert E. Margroff
Dragon's Gold with Robert E. Margroff
Serpent's Silver with Robert E. Margroff
Chimacra's Copper with Robert E. Margroff
Orc's Opal with Robert E. Margroff
Mouvar's Magic with Robert E. Margroff
Pretender with Frances T. Hall
Kiai! with Roberto Fuentes
Mistress of Death with Roberto Fuentes
Bamboo Bloodbath with Roberto Fuentes
Ninja's Revenge with Roberto Fuentes
Amazon Slaughter with Roberto Fuentes
Dead Morn with Roberto Fuentes
Uncollected Stars with Malzberg/Greenberg/Waugh -- anthology
Through the Ice with Robert Kornwise
Caterpillar's Question with Philip Jose Farmer
If I Pay Thee Not In Gold with Mercedes Lackey
Tales from the Great Turtle with Richard Gilliam -- anthology
Spider Legs with Clifford Pickover
The Willing Spirit with Alfred Tella
The Secret of Spring with Jo Anne Taeusch
Dream A Little Dream with Julie Brady
The Gutbucket Quest with Ron Leming
Quest for the Fallen Star with J.R. Goolsby and Alan Riggs